Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Live Italian: How to use Italian gesture!

Part 1

Italians like speaking a lot. They say what they think and feel as often they can, and as loud as they can. They express emotions pretty much every moment, they are awake. And if not by speaking, they have developed a unique body language. The most flamboyant facet of this body language is the typical Italian gesture. And who would demonstrate that better than our jolly politicians:

In the following picture, people "are putting horns" on Silvio Berlusconi, he is "cornuto", which can mean, that he is being cheated on, or simply that he is an imbecile.

Umberto Bossi from the political party "Lega Nord" is an angry man, and makes that very obvious with his gesture saying "Go f*** yourself!"...isn't he charming?!

Beppe Grillo from the "Movimento 5 stelle", an oppositional party to everything, tells them: "I'm gonna take you down!"*
*literally it means "I'm gonna make your ass this big" with the hands referring to the size of...well, let's not be that literal!


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