Wednesday, August 1, 2012

breaking (is) bad!

No, this is not a post about crystal meth, guns and murder. But about a crime, which in Italy is worse than that. Which would make the toughest mafioso cringe. The kind, that puts horseheads, still bleeding, in someone's bed.
BREAKING SPAGHETTI! No kidding. To fit them better in the pot. I thought, the defense: "everybody does that in Canada" was lame, but found out later that it's not far from the truth.

Only in very few cookbooks it actually says "to be careful not to break the spaghetti when you put them in the boiling water". I'm sure all the others simply assume, no one would ever use such a barbaric technique on the longer members of the innocent pasta species. Don't forget, you decided on the "breed" when you chose it in the store, so now deal with it!

Will it change the taste?
Noooo, probably not. But you'll go straight to Italian food hell.

Isn't cooking all about personal preferences?
Do you eat poutine out of the mixer?
Beavertails stonehard and crumpled up?

Why is it almost impossible to break spaghetti neatly in half?
Because it hurts their feelings.  


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