Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 random mashup challenges to begin with

Challenge n° 10:

Take that: the speed limit on Canadian highways is 100 km/h. And they`re built so wide and spacey that in Italy you would fit five cars next to each other on one lane. Not that I exactly miss being passed on the right side, but being a criminal for going over a 100 km/h?

I can literally hear some of you sigh right now, thinking what a wonderful life it would be without any discussions about insane speeding with the beloved driver and ...oh no, dear speed-lovers, dont pale and worry, I haven't heard of any plans to introduce these limits in Europe any time soon! Relax, there's still the car industry to protect you...
Talking about driving habits: sooner or later I`ll for sure indulge in writing about my first experiences with a BIG truck in Canada. And parking it. Or driving a car with a German license plate on a mountain road in South Tyrol. Italian campers cramming Munich’s city streets around Oktoberfest time. Danish patience and toll-station-wack-outs.  Another time.

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