Thursday, August 2, 2012

against firm beliefs...

This won't be the only post about Dirndl.

  1. 50 % of The mashup mission is right now on a trip to Canada and New York City. With her Dirndl and she's commited to wear it. We'll see the pictures soon!
  2. We live in South Tyrol and I grew up in Munich. Even though - against kept firm beliefs abroad - we're not wearing a Dirndl everyday, we do own and wear them on a regular basis. Mountain parties, traditional festivities, Oktoberfest and other suitable events call for the traditional dress.
  3. A friend from Munich is a Dirndl & Accessoire Designer and she's awesome. In fact I love her creative designs so much, that I'm planning a whole post just about her. And no, she's not paying for it. (Her creations were in InStyle and on official Oktoberfest pages.)
  4. It's "interesting" to see, what idea North Americans usually have, when they think about a Dirndl. Halloween is all I'm saying.
  5. Oktoberfest-season is coming up and we should all be well prepared :)

here's a little sneak peek:

and here the shocker
from a Canadian costumes onlineshop, linked on a
 Canadian "quality Oktoberfest costumes" page...


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