Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rocking the town: "Kirchtag" in Oberbozen

Every year, on the 15th of August, the whole town of Oberbozen is going wild. Thousands of tourists and visitors are invading our little town to celebrate the "Oberbozner Kirchtag", the Assumption Day.
Pretty much every town in the southern German-speaking area has their own patron saint, and on this saint's day the so-called "Kirchtig" is held. In Oberbozen that day is the 15th of August, the Assumption Day of Holy Mary and it starts with the celebration of a Mass and a procession. But right after complying all those formalities, the fun begins: Traditional celebrations, folksy music, lots and lots of traditional costumes and Dirndl dresses.
South-Tyroleans, Germans and Italians come together for a huge party, eating traditional foods and drinking considerable amounts of beer and wine.
Even though Italians have their own holiday to celebrate on the 15th of August: the "Ferragosto", which is the "turning point of the summer", and supposedly the hottest day of the year. Around Ferragosto, life in Italy shuts down for a little while, everybody goes on vacation (mostly by the sea or in the mountains) and celebrates this holiday first introduced by the Roman emperor Augustus and therefore is the oldest holiday in the history of mankind.

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