Monday, September 17, 2012

Munich Oktoberfest in numbers

This year's Oktoberfest, or "Wies'n" as the locals call it, is coming up.

For quite a while now it hasn't just been a local thing anymore, people from all over the world come to say "Prost!" and "Mahlzeit!" which results in some crazy numbers:

  • 95 gastronomical companies feed the visitors
  • Oktoberfest employs 8.000 fixed and 4.000 changing workers
  • the biggest tent is the "Hofbräuzelt" with 10.000 seats available (including the beergarden)
  • all in all there are 14 big tents and 21 little ones (the smallest has 60 seats available) and together they offer 105.000 seats
  • had 6.9 million visitors
  • 7.5 million liters of beer (Maß) were consumed 
  • 522.821 chicken and
  • 118 oxen were eaten
  • 4.750 things landed in the lost and found office including a Viking's helmet and some fake teeth
Wies'n Hendl
entrance of a tent called "oxen roaster"

even crazier: in the previous year 2010 the same office had to deal with a pug dog, a bunny, riding crops oh hello Christian Grey! and more hearing aids and fake teeth.
the poor dog found in 2010 - who would even bring one to Oktoberfest?!
200 people ask here for their lost phone DAILY!

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