Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 random mashup challenges to begin with

Challenge n° 9: Ending up in smoke

Europe is quite a bit more liberal than Canada and the US in several ways. Smoking restrictions is one obvious example for that. In Italy, smoking in bars and restaurants was banned only a few years ago - Thank God! Finally, no stench while you're eating and you can actually bring your kids into caf├ęs and go to pubs and bars without smelling like a piece of smoked meat after. In Canada on the other hand, smoking is forbidden not only in bars, public buildings, airports, but also outside of them. No smoking on patios. No smoking in front of the airport. No smoking besides the door of a restaurant, smokers actually have to stand about 10 meters away from it.
As much as I appreciate the downtrend of smoking, especially among youngsters, the restrictive Canadian laws concerning this matter feel a little freedom limiting to me.  Everybody has their own head to decide if they wanna slowly kill themselves or not. Their problem, I'd say. And most of the smokers I know are very respectful around nonsmokers anyways. They step away from you while smoking, they don't smoke in closed rooms, they don't smoke around kids and pregnant women, in short: they try not to bother anyone with their second-hand smoke.
A little more brains wouldn't harm anyone, a few exaggerated laws less neither.


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