Friday, August 17, 2012

Odd world

I just got home from a two week vacation in Canada and New York. It was a lot of fun and I will report more on it soon. I just wanted to tell you about a strange and highly contradictory event first:
I felt pretty safe on that whole trip, even though I was aware of staying in big cities with a certain crime rate. And coming back home to our little mountain town, we felt very relaxed and happy to be home again. It is this crazily safe world, kids playing all over the town every day, people rarely locking their you might be able to share our shock, when yesterday our little town's bank was robbed! At lunchtime, right before the employees of the bank left, a guy entered the bank with a gun, shot at a wall to prove that the gun was real and then escaped with about 50.000 €! What an odd world we live in...a bank robbery in a 1.400-people-town!
Anyways, they didn't catch the bank robber yet, even though he escaped on a bicycle, no kidding.


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