Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics 2012

...are over. Did you watch?

here the official medal count:


Italy: 28 medals (8 gold, 9 silver, 11 bronze)
Germany: 44 medals (11, 19, 14)
Canada: 18 medals (1, 5, 12)

but what about some stars and stories?


  • After the German Betty Heidler threw her hammer 72,39 meters were shown but not put into the computer. While her competitors were running the lap of honor, Betty discussed openly with the judges. Finally the width of her hammer-throw was measured by hand: 77,13 meters and bronze!
  • Germany's men won Olympic-hockey-gold! The 4th time already! Try and work on the ice-hockey qualitites gentlemen, it's time to challenge Canada.
  • Germany's men won gold in the beach volleyball discipline as the first European team ever. Against Brazil the superheroes of beach volleyball.
  • The North Italian walker and Olympic gold winner in Bejing Alex Schwazer was banned from the Olympic games in London for being suspected of Epo-Doping. He was tested in June during training camp and admitted to the news that he made a mistake and wanted to be stronger this time (after he won gold at the last games) and that it was wrong. He also said, he got the doping in Turkey. And unfortunatelly in Italy you are prosecuted by the government authorities for doping. Not good.
  • Tiffany Foster and her mount Victor were disqualified from competing because the horse had a little cut on the front leg and was sensitive to touch. FEI hypersensitivity protocol states that in that case, regardless of the cause, the horse has to be disqualified. Even if Victor was most probably fit and ready to go, the rule serves to protect horses in general from tormenting procedures used to make horses perform better. Good rule and bad luck for Victor and Tiffany Foster I would say.
  • Canadian women are 2012 soccer bronze medallists! Italy? Germany? Soccer nations where are you? Oh ya right, Germany was busy with the men's hockey medal. Hello weird world!

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